Consider Wealth Protection

No financial plan is complete unless you have adequate Wealth Protection arrangements in place.

Why is Wealth Protection important?

It is ok for you to plan ahead in the future based on your goals and objectives, but what about if something were to happen in the meantime unexpectedly.

In any plan we complete for you we will always perform an analysis of your current insurance cover. As a result of this analysis we will advise you whether or not your current insurances (if any) are appropriate for you and if not, we will advise you on the recommended cover you require should an unfortunate event occur.

Insurance Broking Service

As a licensed Life Insurance Broker we are able to arrange the following Life & Wealth Insurances on your behalf;

There are times when you don’t require a certain type of cover, but most times clients require cover they don’t have and are therefore leaving themselves and their families exposed.

Please ask yourself the following questions

  • If you have a mortgage and you were to pass away, do you want this mortgage to be paid out in full?
  • Would you want the mortgage paid out and money left over to support your family in the years following?
  • If you were to suffer a heart attack and survived, will you be able to afford the medical costs associated? Would you like all your loans paid out on top of medical expenses?
  • Would you receive an income if you were unable to work due to an accident or illness? If so, for how long?
  • If not, how will you be able to continue to pay your living expenses until you get back on your feet?
  • Unexpected events are continually occurring and it would be careless to not think it will happen to you.

A simple analogy

Do you know someone who has lost their home to a fire? You may, but mostly likely, you won’t. However,

Do you know someone who has…

  • Passed away unexpectedly?
  • Suffered a heart attack?
  • Had a stroke?
  • Been unable to work through accident or illness?

Chances are you have… Yet most people have home and contents insurance, while Life, Trauma and Income Protection remain under insured or not covered at all!

Call now and secure your financial future with wealth protection today by arranging an appointment- at our office or yours.