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April 14, 2011

Simple mortgage reduction strategies

The longer you take to pay off the principal amount you’ve borrowed for your home the more interest you will end up paying – it therefore […]
August 28, 2014
Check your electricity usage

Saving Money on Your Energy Bill

The cost of electricity continues to be a hot topic of conversation and is placing stress on many household budgets. In the last 10 to 12 […]
November 10, 2014

Are you driving your investment property?

Lots of us like to drive a new car but did you know it costs around $121 per week to finance the average small car?(1) Many […]
November 6, 2019

Our Top Tips on Credit Card Consolidation

Credit card consolidation in times of need (or want) often makes sense. One tip that should go without saying is to not make a new agreement that […]