When paperwork is a problem

The Lo Doc Loan experts are here to help

If you are self-employed, or not in traditional full-time work, it can be difficult to provide paperwork that shows your true ability to pay back a loan.

Your income is not the same from week to week, you don’t have a pile of payslips to prove what you earn, and your finances may be structured through trusts and other mechanisms that mean your ability to pay is actually much higher than your accounts would suggest.

If that’s your situation, a Lo Doc loan might be the best option for you. A Lo Doc loan has a simplified application process, and fewer documents are required.

Lo Doc loans are generally available for up to 80% of the purchase price of your house. Lifestyle Loans offer competitive Lo Doc loans from a range of lenders and providers. With so many of our valued clients being self-employed we are the LoDoc experts.

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Help making the right choice

We have put together a range of information and tools to help you make the right choice about your first home loan:

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