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Our Equipment Finance client base encompasses a vast array of businesses, trades and professions – from single owner-operator to some of Australia’s largest corporations.

Lifestyle Loans has been providing specialised Equipment Finance solutions to individuals and businesses for over 10 years. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounds, prompt turnaround and a variety of finance options available, we are dedicated to offering clients throughout Australia a unique and personalised service.

We provide a diverse range of equipment finance options, including leasing, term purchase, chattel mortgage and novated lease that suit your business best.

We work with you to provide the most appropriate finance option – whether it’s for plant and equipment, trucks, motor vehicles, computers, machinery, you name it.

For businesses, Corporates and Government bodies

Using Lifestyle Loans to fund your Equipment finance reuirements, will maximise your cashflow. Since 1999, Lifestyle Loans has been funding a vast range of assets in the mining, waste, civil construction,  manufacturing, transport & logistics, health and education industries.

Can you finance it? Better talk to us…

Please give us a call or drop us a line, because you never know unless you ask. Equipment Finance can be the smart way to acquire the equipment your business needs without dipping into precious cash reserves.

Our approach gives you flexibility

Most finance companies have a finite range of equipment they will deal with. Lifestyle Loans lets you finance a diverse variety of equipment, because our finance decisions are based on your business and its needs. Our in-house team of technical experts understand the value in assets, so we won’t turn you down just because the equipment you need is not on an ‘approved list’.

Giving your business what it needs

Our Equipment Finance Team take the time to listen and understand your business and asset strategy, so we can build a solution around what you need. That helps us deliver you immediate efficiencies, flexibility and substantial growth opportunities for your business.

Our team has substantial experience in operating lease and rental for all types of equipment for major Corporations, Multinationals, Federal, State and Local government and Education.

Ever wondered how much you can borrow and what your repayments will be?

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Have you seen our Leasing FAQ?

Buying equipment doesn’t have to be hard. Take a look at our handy leasing FAQ. With answers to your most commonly asked questions, hints, tips and more.

Your assets in safe hands.

Lifestyle Loans is one of Australia’s fastest growing finance companies, with a reputation for delivering beyond the brief. To find out more about how our Equipment Finance can help, click here.

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