Tailored debtor finance

A flexible line of credit linked to your sales invoices without the need to mortgage property

Debtor finance (also known as invoice or receivables finance) is a financial solution to both your working capital and debtor administration needs. It’s suitable for businesses that sell to other businesses on credit terms.

It can provide you with a flexible line of credit linked to your sales invoices without the need to mortgage property or meet restrictive lending covenants.

The demand for debtor finance facilities in Australia is growing rapidly. Following the USA and Europe, Australian businesses are recognising debtor finance as one of the primary cash flow tools available to businesses today.

How your business will benefit

  • With access to funding that grows with your sales and allows you to better manage cash working flow
  • With funding that is generally higher than that available with an overdraft
  • With your business assets securing your funding, there’s no need to use your real estate as security letting you separate your personal and business assets
  • By eliminating the need to offer customers expensive settlement discounts
  • By claiming supplier discounts
  • Through specialised assistance with debtor administration (from collection services to credit information on debtors)

How does it work?

Lifestyle Loans helps you convert sales into cash. Whenever you raise an invoice for goods or services you have delivered, we will pay you up to 80% of the total invoice value, usually within 24 hours. The remaining 20% (less a small fee) is refunded to you when your debtor pays.

debtor finance

Why choose Lifestyle Loans?

As one of Australia’s leading independent Mortgage Managers we are well positioned to provide customised, tailored debtor finance solutions for businesses who sell to other businesses on credit terms.

So why wait 30, 60 or 90 days to be paid when you can access the cash in your debtors’ ledger immediately?

Our ability to tailor solutions to meet your needs allows us to offer the widest range of debtor finance solutions in Australia. To find out how debtor finance could help your business call us on 03 9663 0009 and speak to a qualified consultant today.